Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays is a set of two resources that was used and created during a series of eight 2 hour lessons. DO NOT USE IT ALL AT ONCE – and please read the notes underneath each slide!
Start by looking at postcards. Then learn about compound words and write a group postcard (followed by individual ones). Move on to look at adjectives and the persuasive language of holiday advertisements (inc. working out unfamiliar vocabulary) and finish by writing your own hotel adverts.
Happy Holidays extra resources
To accompany the Happy Holidays PowerPoint. Include ‘footsteps to good writing’, classroom poster or handout, planner, adjective wheel worksheet, 2 shared texts, and 3 writing frames along with plenty of teaching ideas. As with the PPT – DO NOT USE ALL AT ONCE.

Physical format
PPT (14 screens), PDF (15 pages)
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