Haunted Portsmouth

Designed for Entry 3 – Level 2 Functional Skills English.
Students loved this lesson. Can be designed around other areas but covers:
Writing persuasively.
Fact and opinion.
Research write a factual article
Create a poster using appropriate language.

Speaking & listening
Everyone has a ghost story to tell, so as a starter, ask the class for their contributions.
Discuss the local area and what they believe to be haunted.
Listen and respond appropriately to other points of view.
Respect the turn taking rights of others.

Scan texts to locate information.
Obtain specific information through detailed reading.
Features and purpose of text.
Internet research.

Plan and draft writing.
Judge how much to write and the level of detail to include.
Present information in a logical sequence.
Use language suitable for audience and purpose.
Proof-read for accuracy

Editor’s note
Fully mapped to Functional Skills.
With answers.

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