Film trailers note taking & writing an email

An engaging and interesting lesson plan and note taking worksheet for a session using short film trailers to develop email writing skills.

Learners watch and listen for the relevant information and discuss and negotiate, expressing their opinions and developing soft skills such as turn taking. They then use the information to write an email invitation, combining informative and persuasive / inviting language. The film trailers used can be adapted to levels and learners – please check the trailer is appropriate first! For Entry 3 Functional English I suggest learners write an email invitation to a friend. This can be differentiated for Level 1 and 2 learners. For example, they can plan to visit a premiere for their choice of film and write an email to invite people to the event.

Editor’s note
Two separate documents: a lesson plan and a review sheet.
The lesson plan suggests that email writing frames/templates are used. These are available under See also below.

Physical format
2 x 1 page