Halloween reading comprehension

This resource was created for Adult Literacy Entry 3 Learners. It includes reading comprehension and related exercises covering many curriculum areas, based on the Halloween theme.

  • Covers many aspects of Entry 3 and Level 1 Adult Literacy Core Curriculum
  • Mapped to Functional Skills reading and writing criteria (E2-L1)
  • Covers many practice tasks to prepare learners for AQA Entry 3 Adult Literacy Reading and Writing examinations and great revision for Level 1 learners too.

Includes: Reading Comprehension, Text Purpose, Alphabetical Order, Using a dictionary, Silent Letters, Homophones, Plural Spelling rules, Proper Nouns and Verbs.

Reading Comprehension
Rt/E3.1: Trace and understand the main events of chronological, continuous descriptive and explanatory texts of more than one paragraph

Vocabulary, Word Recognition
Rw/E3.3: Use a dictionary to find the meaning of unfamiliar words
Rw/E3.4: Use first and second place letters to find and sequence words in alphabetical order

Recognise homophones, Use the correct homophone in context.
Recognise silent letters in words.
Know plural spelling rules and apply.
Wt/E3.4: Proofread and correct writing for grammar and spelling

Physical format
9 pages