The Windrush Scandal

These two lessons explore the Windrush Scandal. 

The video gives an opportunity to listen for gist and detail, and is followed by a focus on sentence stress and intonation.

The article gives an opportunity for learners to analyse the purpose of the text and look at persuasive techniques, and is accompanied by a vocabulary from context exercise.

Whilst many students may find themselves agreeing with Brendan O'Neill's point of view here, it is worth highlighting that he is not therefore someone to be well-regarded more generally. Noting that The Spectator is a conservative magazine might help students notice that this article contributes to a political agenda to undermine Theresa May from within conservative circles.

Editor's notes

Although written for ESOL, many parts of this challenging resource are suitable for L1-2 functional English and GCSE English. There is no answer sheet. If you would like to provide one please get in contact. :)

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