Covid-19 writing tasks

Update - apologies, when I added this resource on April 1st I forgot to upload the Word document. It is now available below. Maggie 10/4/20

Functional Skills Level 2 (and T Level General English Competencies) writing tasks consisting of writing a report and a letter to apply for a job (both based on the current Covid-19 crisis).

  • You are bio-medical student and you have been asked to write a report on Covid-19. You need to include what is the best course of action to beat Covid-19, what is needed to stop the spread of the virus and what needs to be enforced to ensure the public follow procedures in order to stop the spread of Covid-19. Think about what recommendations could be made to the government and how might the public might take the government seriously.
  • You have recently been made unemployed due to the business you worked for being forced to close due to the Covid-19 outbreak. You now have no income and you need to find work. You also want to help vulnerable people. You have seen several adverts for supermarkets looking for temporary delivery drivers to support the increased demand of supplies during the Covid-19 crisis. Your task is to write a letter of application to one of the supermarkets, explaining why you are applying, what you can bring to the role, what experience you have and why you want to support the local community during the Covid-19 crisis. Write a persuasive application to the supermarket, persuading them to take you on during this difficult time. 

Editor's note

Unlike most skillsworkshop resources, I have left this resource as an editable Word document so that:

  • Teachers can adapt it for their own learners
  • Learners can complete the writing tasks from within the work sheet and send back to their teachers
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