ESOL Lr/L1.2e Listen for phonological detail

ESOL Lr/L1.2 Listen for and understand explanations, instructions and narratives on different topics in a range of contexts
ESOL Lr/L1.2e Listen for phonological detail

  • understand that English has a stress-timed rhythm and that there are a number of ways in which an unstressed vowel can be indicated, e.g. the schwa, elision
  • understand that identifying stress within a word can aid recognition of the word, and know that stress can vary in words of the same family
    Example: Will you take our photograph? Meet Mike, he’s a photographer . Have they received their contracts? When glass cools, it contracts.
  • be aware of how stress can vary in sentences and how this can change meaning
    Example: Where do you live? In Leeds. Where do you live? John can’t come on Tuesday. (perhaps someone else can) John can’t come on Tuesday. (perhaps another day)
    recognise how intonation, pitch and stress
    can indicate attitude
  • understand that listening for intonation and pitch can help to follow the structure of oral discourse, e.g. in signalling a change of topic#
  • understand that intonation has a grammatical function, e.g. in distinguishing between a question and a statement
  • understand that individual sounds can change significantly in connected speech, as a result of assimilation and elision

This resource is based on the DfES ESOL Skills for Life recording 'Changes interview 1'. It gives exam practice questions (C&G style) in the first section and in the second section an activity to enable learners to tune in to the sounds of English. The first section can be completed in class and the second at home or the whole sheet can be given for homework. Listening development at home enables learners to listen as often as they wish and tune in until they hear the text more clearly.

Level 1
FE E3.1 Identify & extract relevant information & detail in straightforward explanations
FE L1.1 Identify relevant information & lines of argument in explanations & presentations
ESOL Lr/L1.1a Extract information from texts of varying genre, e.g. radio, TV
ESOL Lr/L1.2a Listen to explanation or narrative
ESOL Lr/L1.2d Listen for grammatical detail
ESOL Lr/L1.2e Listen for phonological detail
History, culture, museums, libraries

These two lessons explore the Windrush Scandal. 

The video gives an opportunity to listen for gist and detail, and is followed by a focus on sentence stress and intonation.

The article gives an opportunity for learners to analyse the purpose of the text and look at persuasive techniques, and is accompanied by a vocabulary from context exercise.

Level 1
Level 2
FE L2.1 Identify relevant information from extended explanations or presentations
FE L2.2 Follow narratives & lines of argument
FE L2.11 Identify when main points are sufficient & when specific details are important
FE L1.13 Use reference materials & appropriate strategies for a range of purposes, inc. to find word meanings
FE L1.17 Read & understand a range of specialist words in context
FE L2.14 Understand how textual features/devices can shape meaning for different audiences/purposes
GCSE Reading AO1a Identify/interpret explicit & implicit information & ideas
GCSE English Reading AO2 Explain & analyse language & structure
ESOL Lr/L1.1a Extract information from texts of varying genre, e.g. radio, TV
ESOL Lr/L1.2e Listen for phonological detail
ESOL Lr/L1.6b Follow a discussion without participating e.g. on TV
ESOL Lr/L2.1a Extract information from extended texts in a non-face-to-face context, e.g. radio
ESOL Lr/L2.2a Listen to a narrative or conversation
ESOL Lr/L2.2e Listen for phonological detail
ESOL Rw/L1.2a Recognise & understand vocabulary associated with different types of text, using appropriate strategies to work out meaning
ESOL Rt/L1.2a Know how language and other textual features are used to achieve different purposes
ESOL Rw/L2.3a Recognise & understand vocabulary associated with different text types
ESOL Rt/L2.2a Identify the purposes of a wide range of texts, whether inferred or explicitly stated
News, Politics & Government items