Looking after your mental health under coronavirus (COVID-19)

This reading resource is designed for Functional Skills English learners.  It is aimed at level 1 and level 2, although it may be adapted for Entry level 3 also.  The resource is comprised of two texts that suggest how teenagers and young people can look after their mental health during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.  Text A is adapted from the UNICEF website, and Text B is an informal email written from one worried friend to another.   The questions are written to model the reformed Edexcel Functional Skills exams, and are aimed to give learners practice in a range of  exam-style reading questions. 

The resource is designed to embed genuine mental health helpline numbers and email addresses that young people might find helpful during these very difficult times. 

Editor's note

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Fully mapped to Reformed Functional English, GCSE and Embedded English for T Levels (General English competencies). Please note there is no answer sheet for this resource. If you would like to write one please get in touch.

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9 page PDF with curriculum mapping. No answer sheet.
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Can teachers please note, that I have made an error and written 'grand-dad' with a hyphen.  According to the Oxford English Dictionary (7th ed'n) 2012, the correct spelling is either 'grandad' or 'granddad'. Many thanks Anne Bush, Access Creative College.