Is it good to listen to music while studying or working?

Texts, video and image stimuli to develop and promote speaking and listening discussion to address the question 'Is it good to listen to music while studying or working?'

Activity to be tutor led and therefore delivery can be adapted to suit learner audience to include more analytical discussions about purpose, tone, language and textual features and similarities between sources.  

As an extension task, learners could be tasked with a range of potential writing activities.  One idea is for learners to contribute to a backchannel platform with an entry in a discussion forum based on their experiences of working or studying while listening to music.  They could be encouraged to include language techniques within their posts too.

Editor's note:

Another great PPT in Nikki's series of SLC discussion prompts/stimuli. Look under "See also" or click on Nikki's name above to visit her profile page.

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