The Man Living in the Last House Standing

This lesson is based around the story of Birkenhead resident Charlie Wright, who famously refused to leave his house when the local council decided to demolish the estate around it. Students have the opportunity to discuss themes of community, identity and change. Students watch a short documentary about Charlie from the BBC archives and answer comprehension questions. Charlie's story provides a context for a role play task whereby learners have to decide how best to regenerate Charlie's lost neighbourhood. Student's are encouraged to try to empathise with Charlie and discuss what has motivated his behaviour. 

Editor's notes

A wonderful set of resources providing all you need for a complete lesson (and more!). In addition to the listening questions and the role play / proposal cards, there's an optional homework sheet (covering vocabulary and recognising the passive voice) and a handout of useful language for discussion and questioning (e.g. how to agree /disagree,  persuade, soften, conclude, etc.). I recommend that you first download and read the lesson plan and the PPT as these provide an overview of all other resources.

Although written for ESOL this resource also provides excellent practice and prompts for L1-2 speaking, listening and discussion.

Physical format
7 slides - PowerPoint
3 page PDF - Lesson plan, teaching ideas and answer key for listening tasks
Zipped M4A file - sample student (Chris) audio file
1 page PDF - Script for Chris audio (zipped M4A file)
1 page PDF - Student listening worksheet
1 page PDF - transcript of BBC documentary video
1 page PDF - discussion/role card (for post-listening speaking activity)
3 page PDF - role play/proposal cards (for alternative post-listening speaking activity)
1 page PDF - 'Useful language for discussions' handout
1 page PDF - What happened next? For follow-up/homework (answers are in the lesson plan file)