Let's get blogging

I created this resource to try to engage my learners during lockdown. There are two reading tasks based on the same text, which I adapted for level 1 learners by using more basic vocabulary. The reading task can then be followed by the writing a blog task and I have included a step by step sheet to help with the writing task.

These resources assume a basic knowledge of what a blog is and should not be used as a first time introduction to blogging. To my knowledge writing a blog has only come up once in a functional skills writing exam, but many of the elements of writing a blog cross over into writing an article or a speech. It also gives learners the opportunity to reflect on and write about their own experiences at this critical time and could even be said to have a role akin to journalling in promoting mental health. The writing task could be adapted for use once lockdown is over.  

Editor's Note

A fabulous series of tasks - ideal for formative or summative assessment. Based on the Pearson-Edexcel style of assessment but suitable for any AO (awarding organisation).  Note that detailed mapping, reading comprehension answers and marking guidance for writing tasks is only available to skillsworkshop contributors.

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