Supermarket Sweep: embedded digital skills for ESOL & Functional English

Update 24/2/22: written by Sharon Roberts and Alexandra Bates, both of Essex ACL. 
This is a fun activity which encourages ESOL learners to engage with digital technology and transacting online. It provides opportunity to explore vocabulary related to shopping while also discussing the advantages of shopping for food online. It can be adapted to all levels and can be extended for a longer activity if required.

Editor's note

Love this! So practical and down-to -earth. A complete mini-lesson for Entry ESOL, ICT or Functional English! Introductory PPT and a detailed and very useful lesson 'nugget' plan. A great way to integrate learning key vocabulary (food and other shopping items) with basic ICT skills.  

Physical format
A PowerPoint (4 slides) and 2 page PDF lesson plan with worksheet