Simplifying Spelling Booklet

 UPDATED 19/4/23   -  two errors fixed on page 12 no 4 (two occurrences of the word 'you' replaced with 'your').

This booklet has many different tools to improve spelling that have been collected from various sources (a list of these resources can be found in the back of the book).

For E3 upwards it could be used as a self-study booklet. For levels before E3 it may be useful to 'cherry pick', be used as a tutor manual and/or an in-class group activitiy.

It has been designed to be printed as a booklet (A5 per page, in Adobe select print and then just short of half way down the page you will find the option to print as a booklet), unless you wish to print it in A4.

The font I have used is called 'Lexie Readable'. I find it very useful for dyslexic learners and others trying to learn the shape of the Roman script. For example, b and d are often confused but not with this font as the 'b' has a gap before it joins with the down stroke and the 'd' does not - giving an extra visual clue for which letter is which.

In addition, it is more age appropriate for older learners as it does not have the childish look of Comic Sans Serif, which has been debunked by some professionals as being no help at all ( ). If you want to read about the benefits of 'Lexie Readable' (

You can download 'Lexie Readable' from here ( N.B. There is a yellow circle with an arrow on it next to the word 'Download' and next to that it states: "Lexie Regular & Bold - free for personal, educational and charity use."

Editor's note

This huge, and very useful, resource has been fully mapped to the new 2018 Functional Skills English content an includes lists of all the expected spellings at Entry 1, 2 and 3.

Physical format
43 page PDF file with answers, references and Functional Skills mapping.