Crocodile spelling Jamboard game

A hangman style game created in Google Jamboard (a free animated whiteboard app). Based on a game I used to play on a traditional whiteboard with a cut-out crocodile and person (held in place with blu-tac!) and river created with a blue whiteboard marker. When Covid-19 and remote teaching came along, I needed something else.

You can access the jamboard here

The idea is that a stick-person is trying to cross a river. To do this he/she needs to use the stepping stones in order to avoid a crocodile. The person and crocodile move according to how the students are doing in guessing the word.  

Learners are asked to guess/work out a mystery word. The teacher (or whoever is setting the challenge) types or writes incorrectly guessed letters on the pink post-it note; correctly guessed letters go in the appropriate places on the yellow post-it notes (extra yellow post-its can be added as needed for longer words). The crocodile and stick-person can also be moved!

The river scene is a background on the Jamboard. The background and crocodile can be easily changed to suit your learners, their vocational backgrounds, interests, etc. The game could be also replicated in PowerPoint (or any other visual tool) using a similar river scene as a background. 

Jamboards are interactive, so your students could ask others to guess words from the lesson. It works well as a plenary; in addition to spelling it is also a fun way to assess new vocabulary I've found students at all levels, not only E1-E3, like doing this. The teacher needs a Google account but students do not. Ideal for use within Google classroom but can be used independently.

Please note the Jamboard is view only in order preserve a 'master copy' for all skillsworkshop users. However once you have opened up the Jamboard you can save it to your own google drive (select "Make a copy") and then edit, adapt and share as you see fit.                                                                                                                                 

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