Write an article about Captain Tom

During the Covid-19 lockdown I started working online in Google Classroom and created this L1-2 writing task (and an accompanying introductory presentation) in Google Docs / Slides. Use the presentation to introduce learners (if needed) to Captain Tom and his remarkable achievement for the NHS (national health service) during the Covid-19 crisis.  Slides also provide links to related news articles (important for background information and also for demonstrating the layout and language features of articles). 

Learners can then use the writing template to write their own article about Captain Tom. The last slide includes an exemplar article which you may or may not want your learners to see before they attempt their own piece of writing.

Presentation (Google slides) 

Writing template (Google docs)

Editor's note

Follow the links above for Google resources or use the download links below for MS PPT, MS Word (writing template only, no curriculum links) and PDF files. 

Physical format
4 page PDF, 9 screen PPT, 2 page Word document
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