Prevent Duty - Functional Maths & English tasks

A PowerPoint set of L1-L2 reading, maths and writing tasks. All are based on information a recent Home Office fact sheet about Prevent and Channel*. The fact sheet can be found online or downloaded from this page. Main Functional Maths coverage is reading and comparing whole numbers and percentages, and percentage-fraction equivalents. Some questions involve calculating percentages or checking the figures that are quoted in the text (Level 2).

Editor's notes

*Prevent is the UK government's measure to safeguard vulnerable people from becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism.

The text is lengthy (4 pages) and complex so Level 1 learners may need support with reading and navigating the text.  Alternatively, you could supply them with shorter, single page sections of the text (e.g. answers to Q1-8 can all be found on page 1 of the text) and thoroughly discuss the text in advance.

Almost all questions require good scanning skills (looking for specific words or numbers in the text in order to locate information), general comprehension and using organisational features such as headings and bullets.

The poster activity on the penultimate slide of the PPT covers many aspects of L1-2 writing composition.

Please refer to Julie's PPT and my answer/guidance sheet below for detailed curriculum mapping and further guidance.  The PPT and the text can easily be adapted to suit different student groups – or simply used as discussion prompts.

Physical format
4 page PDF text, PPT and 5 page answer/guidance sheet
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