Writing a letter of complaint - English slides

Why do we complain? What methods do we have for complaining and how often are they successful? What is the best way to complain? Slides for L1 and L2 English learners to find out more about complaints, and the best way to make a complaint while building their English skills.

Editor's notes

The first half of the PPT explores why we complain and how we go about it. Topical complaints cleverly hook the learner in (for example: BBC coverage of Prince Phillip's funeral, social media problems). A combination of texts and video is used to encourage discussion and reading skills such as language features and recognising key vocabulary. Underpinning skills such as punctuation (e.g. capital letters for abbreviations, apostrophes) are also covered. 

Later slides discuss possible solutions to complaints and then look at 'good' and 'bad' sample letters (based Hazel Hughes' "A Troublesome Trip"). Create-a-checklist and proof reading tasks follow. The final slide provides scenarios for the learner to write their own letters (based on Julie Harding's "Writing a letter of complaint").

Physical format
14 slides widescreen PPT