Spot the missing article: a/an/the

I made this resource for my ESOL Functional  Skills Level 1&2 class. Learners have to find where articles are missing and type them in (a/an/the). Uses three increasingly complex/lengthy texts: a charity letter, an OU magazine article and some recipe instructions.

Find the missing articles: 3 page worksheet (Google docs)  - best viewed in "print" mode.

Editor's note

There is no downloadable PDF for this very useful resource. Follow the link above to reach the Google online document. The document is read-only: to create your own editable and shareable version select  FILE -> Make a copy and save it to your own Google area (you will need a Google log in).  Although aimed at ESOL FS students it also makes a useful proof reading exercise for English-first-language FS learners.

Answers are available for resource contributors only. Please refer to the Answer sheets page for more details.

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3 page Google document
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