Job skills: definitions matching cards and skills matrices

I put this together when I found so many of my learners trying to hone their employability skills did not know what a lot of the words on job descriptions meant. 

Resource 1 (Definition matching cards: job skills and attributes): I laminated these and cut them up and they worked in pairs or threes to match them up.

There are two other linked resources, as below, to help students with getting to grips with the keywords used in Job Descriptions and Person Specifications. 

Resource 2  (Childcare sample skills and CV) is an example job description / advert for a childcare position and the applicant's, Tony's, CV.  Items can be taken from these and put into the matrix - teacher can model how to do this and then learners can complete the matrix themselves. Teacher can then model how to create a cover letter  / personal statement referring to the matrix for key points.

Resource 3  ('My own' skills matching matrix) comprehensive matrix sheets for listing one's own skills and attributes, and using them to find matches in a job / person description.  The idea on the matrices is to create a "Master Sheet" of their own skills and attributes and give each item a reference number .  Then they can go through the keywords on job adverts that they are interested in and reference their their own skills and attributes, so that when they come to complete their cover letters / statements, half the work has already been done in a logical fashion.

This may sound complex but it is actually quite easy to do and, once a student has completed their own 'master sheet' they can use it again and again for any job they are applying for.    I found it worked very well for my students

Physical format
1 x A4 page