Find someone who

This activity can be used as an icebreaker or as resource when teaching about 3rd person agreement in the present tense.  

Learners ask 'Do you ..... ?' and use the answers in the box to complete the question however after the Tutor's monitoring they should realise that the answer form cannot be used for the question form.  

The questionnaire has 16 boxes but according to time and size of class, it can be reduced by folding the questionnaire so only 8 questions are used instead.  

Please note - I usually get learners to ask the negatively answered questions in positive form.  eg. Do you have a job? If answer is no only then can the name be written in the box to be true.  Unlike the other questions where learners are writing in the names of their classmates when they have answered yes.  

The activity can last from 15 - 30 minutes. 

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