Writing informal and formal letters

These three simple resources are aimed for teaching the layout features and conventions of informal and formal letter writing.  There are three templates: 

  • an informal letter
  • a formal letter when the name of the addressee is unknown
  • a formal letter when the name of the addressee is known.

Students can either work independently, or in pairs to fill in the text boxes. Another option is to print as A3 and laminate, so that students can complete the boxes using whiteboard pens which can be erased after use.  For those that need extra support there is the option of using a differentiation sheet (which could also be laminated and cut into cards if preferred). Model answers are provided. 

Although this was developed for Functional Skills English E3, L1 and L2, it may be useful for KS3 and GCSE English also.

Physical format
3 x 3 page PDFs. Three templates of letters in A4 size, which could also be printed off in A3 or A2 and laminated for students to complete in wipeable pens. Two additional files of model answers and a differentiation sheet.