English - Hobbies and Interests slides

Why do we need hobbies and interests? What impact do they have on our mental health? Slides for L1 and L2 English learners to find out more about the importance of individual and group hobbies and interests while building their English skills.

Editor's note

A combination of texts and videos are used to encourage questioning, discussion, reading, writing and research skills. For reading, a series of short texts are used to consolidate various comprehension skills including language features, using organisational features and recognising key vocabulary. For writing, there are ideas/prompts for review writing and mini tasks include writing persuasive and advisory paragraphs.

Underpinning skills such as punctuation (e.g. the use of capital letters for abbreviations) and recognising different sentence structures are also covered. 

Several hobbies are covered in some depth, including: baking, writing, sports, photography and  nature. Easily adapted to cover other hobbies. Throughout there is an emphasis on mental well-being and work-life balance, including an entire slide devoted to burnout prevention.

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