Drill Music - Can Violent Lyrics Cause Violent Behaviour?

A double lesson Power Point with Level 1 and Level 2 reading and writing questions. The lesson explores the controversy around violent music and the relationship between music and behaviour. You Tube links  add detail and context to the debate in an engaging and thought provoking way. Lesson 1 focuses on the Reading exam with Level 1 and Level 2 questions that can be displayed on the board to reduce printing. Texts A and B explore the two sides of Drill music and its influence on young people.

Lesson 2 focuses on the writing paper and apostrophes, with two Level 1 and Level 2 writing tasks. Including two embedded You Tube links to help engage the learners and help inform their writing. 

The texts are adapted from articles found online (original article links below). All images are taken from the internet and are freely available. 

Music saved my life. 

Adapted from an article Music saved my life. Banning drill takes hope away from black British kids like me | Konan | The GuardianBy UK Drill artist Konan (13th June 2019)

The Police Are Listening…

Adapted From The New York Times By Ed Clowes Jan. 11, 2021Why Digga D, a British Drill Artist, is Banned from Using Violent Lyrics - The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Editor's notes

Wonderful! Guaranteed to engage many young FS learners.

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