Using a pop video to analyse structure of written texts

GCSE AQA Language Paper 1 Question 3: this resource uses a pop music video (Stay by Shakespears Sister) to help students grasp the concept of analysing fictional texts for structure. Many students struggle to get to grips with the idea of structure; this activity is designed to demonstrate how stories are structured in a more visual way. There's a worksheet with links to three short video clips; students watch each clip and then make notes about what they see in the story (introduction of characters, setting, atmosphere / mood / tone, action, plot, etc). 

The video for Stay is from 1992 so learners probably will not have seen it before, and it is visually rich and dramatic, which provides opportunities to analyse it for structure. The video has been broken down into three sections, making it easier to analyse each section in turn. 

This resource can be used as a review of structural techniques or as a way of introducing structural techniques before students attempt to analyse a written text. 

Editor's Note

Matthew has also made this excellent, accompanying Padlet which has links to all the videos, related Wordwall activities, model answers, etc.

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