Knife crime resources

An outstanding set of resources. Developed to prompt discussion on knife crime with parents and children in a family learning setting, they are equally suitable in an FE setting – prompting discussion between students and tutors. The materials can be used to focus on knife crime but are also useful as part of wider discussion about criminal behaviour.

The resources include

  • Board game – best printed as two A3 sheets and then joined together and laminated
  • Cards for the board game – 33 cards to accompany the board game. Many include knife crime statistics, some questions involve numeracy (fractions, percentages, decimals). Some cards include graphic images of injuries caused by knife crime.
  • Timeline exercise – 32 events from AD 650 to present day. Cut up and use as a re-ordering exercise and a discussion prompt.

The pictures and game are meant to provide scenarios to stimulate discussion. Reading the cards and timeline events involves many aspects of basic literacy and numeracy.

Funding for these material was via FLLN (Family literacy, language and numeracy programmes The Urban Music Foundation helped develop the material.

Resource type
Physical format
2 page game board, 9 pages game cards, 6 pages timeline events
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