Music AQA Paper 2-style GCSE English Language exam practice

AQA Paper 2-style exam questions and non-fiction extracts. One extract is taken from Sinead O'Connor's memoir "Rememberings" (2021) and the other is from Stephen Hough's memoir "Enough: scenes from Childhood" (2023). In the real exam, Source B is always a 19th Century text, but here I've used another contemporary text, so that learners can more easily practice the exam skills of comparing two pieces of writing. In these extracts, both writers reflect upon the first time they encountered a piano.

Editor's notes
Yet another excellent GCSE practice resource from Matthew with, as usual, a super choice of texts. And what a brilliant idea to use two contemporary texts to build and consolidate comparison skills without venturing into 19th Century works.

Physical format
1 x 1 page PDF (questions)
1 x 2 page PDF (source A and source B)