L2 Reading: Swearing - 9 things you should know

I created this L2 Functional Skills resource a couple of years ago for a  young adult group that used particularly 'salty' language. As well as a reading comprehension task, it led to some fruitful discussion about swearing in general, appropriate use of language with different audiences, and facilitated the setting of some mutually agreed ground rules.

Although the vocabulary is challenging, the subheadings provide helpful scaffolding. I've also included a Word version of the question sheet adapted for a learner with a visual impairment (white print on a black background).  There is plenty of scope to extend in various ways.

Editor's note

A wonderful resource for prompting much useful discussion with adult (16+) learners.  

Physical format
4 page PDF - text and task sheet
1 page Word document - white on black
2 page PDF - answer sheet