EDS Unit 4 (Transaction) with embedded English tasks

Slides designed to support delivery of Gateway's EDSQ (Essential Digital Skills Qualification), Unit 4 (Transaction) at Entry Level and Level 1, with embedded Functional Skills English activities at L1 and L2. This set of slides includes skills from sections 3 (Communication) and 4 (Transaction) of the standards.  The slides cover: online banking and buying, filling in secure forms with bank details, digital  footprints and using security systems such as Captcha, and much more. Also many useful links to YouTube videos and other online learning applications. 

Editor's notes

This is part four of a series of very comprehensive resources covering almost every aspect the Essential Digital Skills (EDS) standards. Written for Gateway qualifications but can be used with any awarding organisation. Note the EDS standards cover only Entry (a combination of skills at E1, E2 and E3) and Level 1. The embedded English includes answering questions and discussion, writing a persuasive poster, and using technical vocabulary.

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13 widescreen PPT slides