Drug awareness embedded Functional English

Everything you need for embedding literacy / Functional English into a teaching session that looks at drugs.

Learners explore the types types of drugs and also some of the origins of the problem. It covers types of text and some reading and spelling, including segmenting. There is also a ‘DARTs’ type exercise that explores how to treat a person who may become ill, instructions to re-order, and posters to laminate and discuss.

Some of the posters are quite powerful and may require discretion with their use, but are good illustrations of this type of text.

Aimed at E2 or 3 learners, but lends itself well to differentiation up or down. This session would also lend itself well to the production of a poster as a consolidation exercise.

Note from skillsworkshop: DART = directed activities relating to texts. Find out more here: http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/articles/interacting-texts-directed-a… and see our Lesson writer ‘useful external link’.

Physical format
1 x 3 page lesson plan, 1 x 9 page resource pack, 4 x jpg posters
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