Working with alcohol units

This lesson is designed to embed adding and subtracting, ratio and proportion, etc. whilst looking at the important issue of alcohol consumption and units. Students are able to look at the RDA of alcohol consumption, binge drinking, etc. in the introductory PPT. They can then complete maths worksheet which involves calculating and adding units, converting units and reading data.
It includes a video clips, visual imagery and written notes.
Fully mapped to, and ideal for, L1 Functional Maths.
Note: this resource was inspired by Carrie Bray’s ‘Alcohol units and decimals’ resource (see below).

Physical format
14 slide PPT, 4 page PDF
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AnicaH (not verified)

Thu, 2011-10-20 08:56

Nice presentation.

Well, binge drinking costs all of us [in the US] $2 per drink, says the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention]. The cost of the exact drink doesn’t even factor into that amount. Lower efficiency, property and medical problems and the cost of imprisonment are just some of the factors.

I read this here: Binge drinking costs each of us $2 per drink” on