Budgeting Brilliantly - reading practice, creativity and presentation planning

Updated Apr 19 2024 (corrections made to pages 1&3 of the main PDF and page 2 of "Your Budget")

This resources uses the Spring 2024 budget and makes it accessible for learners on L1 and L2 English courses. The resource gives them the budget break down and some comprehension questions based on L1 and L2 reading exams. 

Learners are then asked to design their own budget and think about why they would give money to certain areas outlined in the budget. 

Learners then plan a presentation/talk to share their budget and their rationale with others.

Editor's notes

A wonderfully accessible and topical resource! Would also work well as a discussion prompt in maths classes that are focusing on very large numbers.

Physical format
1 x 2 page PDF
1 x 4 page PDF