English - Career based session - Running your own business

Why might we start our own business and how confident are we as a nation? Slides for L1 and L2 English learners to find out more about their career choices (in this case, running their own business) while building their English skills.

Editor's note

Suitable for all but with a particular focus on parents returning to work after having children. One of a series of multi-faceted resources about career choices. A combination of texts, video and images are used to prompt discussion and a short writing task  (an email). For reading, a series of short texts (with questions) are used to consolidate comprehension skills including language  & organisational features and technical vocabulary / synonyms. There is also attention to underpinning skills such as punctuation - and a bit of embedded maths (reading a chart)!

Physical format
Widescreen Powerpoint with 7 slides