Time revision L1-2

Level 2 Time revision. A PPT that takes E3-L2 learners step by step through an Edexcel L2 2017 exam question about a diving competition.
The exam question is broken down into three separate tasks, each with extra extension questions. 

In addition each task has a suggested time limit which encourages learners to manage their own time in exams. Can also be printed as a worksheet: select slides 4-9 and print 1 slide per page in landscape, fit-to-page mode.

Editor's note

Fully mapped to the new 2018 Functional Maths content which takes effect from September 2019. Note that there is no coverage of calculating with time in the new content  (at any level) and no specific coverage of time at Level 2 so I have mapped it to Entry 3 and Level 1. However, the problem solving aspect raises it to Level 2.

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11 screen PPT