Murder at the Grange parts 2 and 3

This is an adaptation of Murder at the Grange, which my students have always enjoyed.

I wanted to extend the work on calculating with time, so learners have to use and extend timetables and calculate multi-stage journey times. I also thought it would be good to have some female characters!

There’s a version for L1-2 and one for E2-3, although there is some overlap. In the L1-2 version I have used 24-hour times. Learners may need a hint that the time taken from one location to another is always the same, regardless of when you start (e.g. it is always 3 hours from London to Northallerton).

Editor’s note
To find the original Murder at the Grange scroll down to “See also”.

Physical format
2 x 1 page PDFs