Guy Fawkes Night activities for Functional Skills

This resource was created for Adult Literacy Entry 3 Learners but can be used with mixed ability groups from E2 – L1. It includes reading comprehension and related exercises covering many curriculum areas, based on the Guy Fawkes Night theme.

The first section is a comprehension based on the history of Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night. The text is suitable for E3-L2. Questions cover general comprehension, punctuation, homophones/spellings, proper nouns, alphabetical order and dictionary work. Some questions are also suitable for E2.

The second section is ideal for E2-E3 Functional Skills is about a visit to a firework display. It covers: purpose of text, following and giving directions, and extracting information from a map and a poster. It also includes questions about writing dates and times in common formats.

  • Covers many aspects of Entry 3 Adult Literacy Core Curriculum
  • Covers many practice tasks to prepare learners for AQA Entry 3 Adult Literacy Reading and Writing examinations.

Reading Comprehension
Rt/E3.1: Trace and understand the main events of chronological, continuous descriptive and explanatory texts of more than one paragraph
Rt/E3.2: Recognise the different purposes of texts at this level
Rt/E3.5: Understand and use organisational features to locate information, e.g. contents, index, menus

Vocabulary, Word Recognition
Rw/E3.3: Use a dictionary to find the meaning of unfamiliar words
Rw/E3.4: Use first and second place letters to find and sequence words in alphabetical order

Recognise homophones, Use the correct homophone in context.
Wt/E3.4: Proofread and correct writing for grammar and spelling

Grammar and Punctuation
Ws/E3.1: Write in complete sentences
Ws/E3.4: Use punctuation correctly, e.g. capital letters, full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas

Physical format
13 pages