Full descriptors now added to all ESOL curriculum elements

Click on any ESOL element link and full details will now appear at the top of the search page. E.g. if you click on Rt/E2.1a you will see this:

ESOL Rt/E1.2a Recognise that the way a text looks can help predict its purpose (i) Recognise different types of text through layout and presentational features (ii) Identify and predict the purposes of texts at this level, using layout and presentational features, and …

This now completes all descriptors (literacy, numeracy, ESOL) except those for pre-Entry. We do not yet have resources to cover the entire ESOL curriculum. However, the ESOL curriculum numbering system is closely linked to the adult literacy curriculum. So, for example, if you can’t find what you want under ESOL Rt/E1.2a, remove the final ‘a’ (or other lowercase letter) and try searching for Literacy element Rt/E1.2 where you may well find suitable resources.