Five texts about children's screen time, physical activity and sleep - for Functional English at all levels

A set of five texts about screen time, physical and sedentary activity, and sleep for Children under age 5. The texts can be used in various combinations for Functional Skills (FS) speaking, listening and communicating; reading and writing activities. Teachers can pick and choose their own texts and create related DARTs (directed activities related to text) and questions to suit. There will also be pre-prepared resources on skillsworkshop. See "See also" for links.

When selecting texts consider the interests and levels of your learners, and what type of text and purpose you want to focus on. Would be particularly useful for Early Years students and/or learners that are parents.

There is a detailed introduction to assist teachers with selecting suitable texts. The texts are: a report/recommendations the WHO (World Health Organisation), an NHS analysis of the same report, a related newspaper article from The Sun, a simplified version of the report and a child's guide to getting good. Something for all levels from Entry Level 1 to Level 2 and beyond.

Resource File(s)
Physical format
10 page PDF (5 separate texts and teacher guide)