Find the /f/ sounds

This is a spelling/phonetics resource that could be used as a starter, differentiated activity or filler. Learners colour in the squares where the words have an /f/ sound, these words are hidden with words that are ‘gh’ but aren’t pronounced /f/. When completed the grid shows a smiley face. There are a few trap words in here which can be used for dictionary or internet search practice.

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3 page PDf with answers



Many thanks for this worksheet.  The rules for the  /f/ sound are really helpful.

I selected this worksheet for my E3 students, based on the name of the file (e3l1l2), but when we worked with the resource, I realised that it really isn't suitable for E3.  We found there were too many words which you wouldn't expect E3 learners to learn.

In addition, a word like 'aught' is rather old-fashioned, as we normally use the 'ought' spelling in Standard English these days.  There was a word which wasn't in our dictionary (Pugh) and 'slough' as a verb is very unusual.

I wonder if the worksheet could be displayed on the website as L1 L2?  Also, a few edits would improve it.  Otherwise, great resource - thank you!!