Sports Funding and Brexit - although, despite, however

This resource is aimed at high E3, L1 and L2 ESOL learners who make mistakes when using conjunctions, prepositions and adverbs in their writing to express contrast. There are seven speaking, reading and writing tasks in all.

Learners start by discussing issues around sports funding, before reading Text A, which is adapted from an article published in 2016, following the Brexit vote. There are five comprehension questions. Learners then identify the ways in which contrast is expressed in the text, before reading a short sample text (Text B) containing typical student mistakes with these words. After this, they have an opportunity to correct them, before checking a corrected version (Text C).

Finally – this could be a homework task – learners draft a paragraph using at least three of these words .The learners can choose which words to use, and how many, giving an opportunity for differentiation. The writing could also be carried out independently, or as pair-work. The topic is intended to provide opportunities to develop vocabulary around healthy lifestyles, public funding and the value of sport within the UK and elsewhere.

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