Polysyllabic words game

This is a game to form new words using syllables.All these words have three parts to them and multiple words can be made using different parts in different order

I have used this with L1 and L2 learners and they love it. I let them work in groups – no more than 5 otherwise it gets a bit too busy and confusing.

You may need to have pre-taught some common prefixes and suffixes and rules; how prefixes never change the spelling of the root word they join, etc..

Explain to the learners that the words they will be asked to make all have three syllables or parts, and that the same parts may be used in more than one word. Give an example of, say, protection and production.

Print off, laminate and cut up the cards.

Place the word parts at random on a table and let the learners mix and match the parts to form words. Once words have been formed, move them to a separate part of the table.

The lesson can be further developed to reinforce some spelling rules for learners on some of the antonym prefixes: for example IM going before words that start with either M or P; IL going before words that start with L; -CIAN is used as the suffix for professions or skills.

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