Call My Bluff

A vocabulary building activity, involving dictionary use. Played in teams and based on the TV programme ‘Call My Bluff’. Teams compete to identify the true definition of a word when given a choice of three definitions, with one being true and two being false.

A great way to get learners to work together. I usually play this with level 1 and level 2 learners, either at the end of a session as an on going activity or as part of a session.

Words I have found beneficial are from L2 questions: narrative, evaluate, analytical, pessimistic and subjective. The learners have learnt the meanings of these words and found them useful when looking at practice questions, as they have understood what the question is about.

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I used this game for the first time today with my level 2 learners.

It was great fun as I allowed them to choose their own words. Some of their alternative words were rather risque but that is one of the joys of teaching adults. It certainly helped the group to bond.

Thank you Ginny. I will certainly use it again.