GCSE Maths Angle Facts place mat

A two-sided A3 'place mat' that has the following

  • A summary of the various angle facts needed for Foundation GCSE on the first side
  • A series of questions involving the angle facts on the second side

I'd be using this as a pairs activity: one person has the facts and the other has the questions uppermost and they work together to try to match the facts to the questions. Numerical answers are on the second side but in a jumbled order so the students cross each numerical answer off as they solve a problem. If they can't find the numerical answer they might want to check their logic, and if all else fails, ask for help or compare with another group.

When I was reading for a student last Summer, I noticed a question involving vertex notation ('angle ABC is twice angle BCD' and so on) with a diagram that had the vertices labelled but no marked angles. So I have featured vertex notation in both the facts and some of the questions.

(A local café has their menu printed 5 columns across on A3 paper on each place - seemed like a good idea)

Editor's notes

Marvellous! And I love the idea of the paired activity (as described above by Keith). 

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A3 paper two sided