ESOL E1 Listening development: Buying a ticket

This resource is based on the DfES ESOL Skills for Life recording 'Buying a ticket'. It gives exam practice questions (C&G style) in the first section and in the second section an activity to enable learners to tune in to the sounds of English. The first section can be completed in class and the second at home or the whole sheet can be given for homework. Listening development at home enables learners to listen as often as they wish and tune in until they hear the text more clearly.

Learners can use a phone, tablet or computer to log in to a Padlet page given on the worksheet. The password is: esol. The recording is in the E1 section. Scroll down to find the recording that corresponds with the worksheet.

The next lesson can involve listening again briefly, correcting answers  and dealing with any issues arising with words it was difficult to catch, pronunciation and explaining examples of natural speech heard in the text. It can also be good for learners to listen again and read the tapescript simultaneously. Then they can read the conversation together in pairs.

Editor's note

Also suitable for Entry Level 1 Functional English speaking, listening and communication (fully mapped to the reformed Functional English content). 

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4 page PDF with task sheet, transcript, teacher notes and curriculum mapping
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