Buying gifts - Functional English tasks (E1-2)

Two differentiated functional English tasks that involves a number of reading and writing skills (with a bit of maths thrown in!). Learners can personalise this by using names of their own friends and family. For both versions you will need copies of the current Argos book or access to the web site.

Entry 2 version includes: using a catalogue or web site, writing a list & a gift tag, budgeting, writing a note. You will need one gift tag per learner.

Entry 1 version nice functional activity about buying presents for friends and family. Learners can personalise it with familiar names. Includes writing a list, putting names into alphabetical order, choosing suitable gifts and writing message on a gift tag.

Editor’s note ideal for the run up to Christmas or any other event / celebration where gifts are given.

Physical format
21 x 3 page PDF, 1 x 4 page PDF
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