Steer clear of swooping magpies

[img_assist|nid=4771|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=100|height=69]Another great set of three comprehension resources from Australia. Each with a related, differentiated crossword puzzle. All based on the same Australian news article about the danger of swooping magpies.
The Satellite (Australia) September 13 2010…
Although the article is serious you can’t help but laugh at one of the illustrations of two fully protected cyclists!

The first resource has a much simplified text (suitable for E2) accompanied by comprehension questions, vocabulary and phonics questions and a related crossword puzzle (shown in the first pop up picture above)

The second (E3) has a slightly simplified text, more challenging questions and a different crossword puzzle.

The third is suitable for L1, includes the entire text and different questions (see second pop-up picture above), plus a very challenging crossword that would also suit L2 learners.

The two Entry level texts would also provide useful practice for Functional Skills English (reading). For L1-2 Functional Skills reading, two or more different types of text about the same topic should be used, compared, responded to, etc. See comment below for some suggestions.

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3 x 4 pages PDFs
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I love this resource and think it has a lot of possibilities for extension work for L1 and L2 Functional English.

For example, at Level 2 Functional English students are expected to compare three or more texts, use them to gather and utilise information, and comment on their purposes and how meaning is conveyed.

You might find the following useful:

There are also lots of amusing – although not particularly educational (!) – videos on YouTube such as: