Things to use in class

A set of two resources:
PPT with audio, so you can leave students pressing the left button and repeating the words, while you attend to others. 13 different objects such as pen, stapler, ruler, etc. are covered.
Classroom equipment cards
These cards show some items of vocabulary for equipment which could be requested in class. 12 different objects such as calculator, pencil case, rubber, etc. are included. Cards can be used with or without the words attached – see ideas below.
Picture cards only:
1 Students learn the vocabulary. They are shown to the class and the items named.
Test by showing them and the students name the items.
2 The cards are laid out in front of the students in pairs. Teacher names an item and the student points to it (or lifts the card).
3 The formula “Can I use your…?” is introduced and used with one of the cards.
4 The response “Yes no problem…” or “Sorry, no” is practised.
Teacher asks for something from each student and elicits response.
5 In small groups the students take turns to ask for and respond to offers using the sets of cards.
Class room equipment cards with words:
These can be used with students who are able to decipher European letter forms. They may be used as matching cards and then just the word cards (as alternatives to the picture cards).

Physical format
17 screen PPT & 1 page PDF


Extra instructions added July 2011.
(I missed out the additional instructions for speaking and listening practice [making and responding to requests] when I first uploaded this resource).