I want to learn

A flexible set of exercises based on common classroom items such as pens, pencils. folders, hole punch, etc. Can be used in a variety of ways – with or without learner support. Includes worksheets and flash / matching cards. Detailed preEntry mapping information. First used at the start of the academic year with a new preEntry class.

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Gill Kanga (not verified)

Mon, 2012-02-06 22:47

I just wanted to write to you and ask you to pass on to Androulla my thanks for her excellent worksheet “I want to learn”. I have learned a lot from doing this worksheet with my pre-entry class too! There don’t seem to be so many resources for pre-entry students, and some of mind are just learning to say the letters of the alphabet and put them together to find a few words. I’m out of my comfort zone! I really liked the way Amanda built on the knowledge gained from each previous worksheet. Thank you for your help in letting her know my thoughts.

Kind regards to you
Gill Kanga