ESOL Sc/E1.2b Make requests: ask permission

ESOL Sc/E1.2 Make requests using appropriate terms 
Sc/E1.2b Make requests: ask permission 

  • Ask for permission, using modal verbs, e.g. can. Can I smoke here?
  • Be able to use intonation to indicate politeness. E.g. Excuse me. Can I go home at 11 o’clock

A set of two resources:
PPT with audio, so you can leave students pressing the left button and repeating the words, while you attend to others. 13 different objects such as pen, stapler, ruler, etc. are covered.
Classroom equipment cards
These cards show some items of vocabulary for equipment which could be requested in class. 12 different objects such as calculator, pencil case, rubber, etc. are included. Cards can be used with or without the words attached – see ideas below.
Picture cards only:

Entry Level 1
AL Rw/E1.1 Have limited, meaningful sight vocabulary of words, signs, symbols
pre-Entry Rw/M8.3 Recognise & read a growing no. of words signs symbols
ESOL Sc/E1.2b Make requests: ask permission
ESOL Sc/E1.2a Make requests: ask for things or action
ESOL Rw/E1.1a Recognise a limited number of words, signs and symbols
ESOL Lr/E1.5c Take part in more formal exchanges
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