Legal age quiz

A really interesting quick quiz – originally written to get e2e learners interested in numbers but makes an ideal warm up activity for any group (at any level).

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yvonnerj (not verified)

Thu, 2011-04-28 13:21

My functional skills 16-19 learners really engaged with this, lots of discussion.

After going over the answers I asked them all to choose one age limit which they thought should be changed, write down what it should be changed to and why.

Godot (not verified)

Tue, 2011-09-06 09:33

Hi Carrie

Thanks for the great resource. I will definitely be using it but I have noticed that some of the answers may be incorrect. For example, I’m pretty sure the age to be a blood donor is 17 and I’m sure there’s an age restriction on gambling.


Hi Mark

Thanks for flagging this up.

Yeah, you’re right! The age for blood donors was decreased to 17 a couple of years ago.

The situation regarding fruit machines is a bit more complicated and depends on the prize money. It seems that if the prize is under £8 anyone can play. If it’s £10 or under 14-17 year-olds can play.
See the CAB Young people – money and consumer rights for more info.

PS If you want an editable version of the resource so you can change the answer sheet simply send in a resource that you would like to share!