I have ... Who has? Money game

‘I have…Who has?’ is a fast-paced coin counting game that has been adapted from a game on Super Teacher Worksheets

For the game to work correctly all of the worksheets need to be distributed to your students so some students may get more than one card. This could be used as a way to differentiate with the higher level students being given more cards to work with.

[img_assist|nid=4792|title=|desc=|link=popup|align=left|width=100|height=71]How to play the game.
1.The game starts with the students counting and adding together the different monetary values on their cards in order to work out the cards total value.
2.The teacher then selects a student to begin by reading their card aloud. For example I have 40p. Who has 85p
3.The student whose card comes next, will then read their card. For example I have 85p who has 94p. And so on.
4.The students must listen for their turn and try not to break the chain.
5. When the chain circles around to the first student, the game is over.

March 18 2014. Editor’s note
Updated at the suggestion of Phoebe McLeod (thank you). A duplicated occurrence of 91p has been replaced with 92p so that two people don’t try to give the same answer simultaneously!

Resource type
Physical format
4 pages - containing 12 game cards and 1 answer page